1. Claim keyword

Choose from any keyword on our 8080 shortcode.
Pick the keyword that best suites your service and activate it instantly for free. Messages that start with your keyword will go to you from then on.

2. Add Content

Use our API to build your service.
You can set content for your keyword using your phone or this website. If you program, you can use our API to build your own app, we have examples in php and python.

3. Make Money

Earn 12 RWF for every message.
User's pay only 80 RWFs when they send a messages to your keyword, and for each one we credit your account 12 RWFs. Once you reach 5,000 RWFs you can get paid instantly by visiting the kLab.


We give you the ability to view who is interacting with your service and what your most popular content is. This will help you to focus on content that really matters.
We make it simple for you to change your content online. If you can build a website, you can build an SMS application using our easy API.
See every message that is posted to your keywords on 8080. We give you a full history of every interaction and help you debug any issues with your service.

An Example Service

Claim 'music' keyword

I want to make it easy for people to find out where live music is playing. So I claim the 'music' keyword by sending the text message 'claim music' to 8080 on my phone.
I send to 8080
claim music
Sawanet Responds
Success!  You have claimed the keyword 'music'.  You can set the message by sending 'set music [msg]' ex: 'set music This is my first message'

Update Content

Whenever I hear about a music show happening in Kigali, I update the message for my 'music' keyword. I tell all my friends that they can find out the latest shows by sending the text message 'music' to '8080'. When I update my keyword they automatically get notified.
I send to 8080
set music Come see MrChips play at White Horse this Friday night starting at 10:00 PM
Sawanet Responds
Success, you have updated the message for the keyword: music

Make Money

Every time someone sends 'music' to 8080 I earn 12 RWFs. I can always check how my keyword is doing by sending 'stats music' to 8080.
I send to 8080
stats music
Sawanet Responds
Stats for music, messages in last day / week / month: 45 / 540 / 4347 subscribers: 238